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Altán Redes taps Tutela for Mexican network data

Altán Redes taps Tutela for Mexican network data

Tutela has signed an agreement with Altán Redes that will give the wholesale operator access to Tutela data on the Mexican market, collected from millions of mobile devices.

The data will be used to compare the performance of the Red Compartida - the Mexican shared network - and improve its overall mobile network quality, benefiting its customers and end users who access the most modern 4G-LTE network in the Mexican market.

Altán will have access to Tutela Explorer, a tool that can visualise and analyse 500 million lines of data on Mexican networks simultaneously at any time of the day. The Tutela platform keeps these insights up to date, renewing the data on a daily basis. Altán described the tool as “a reliable and widely-consulted platform among operators to visualize quality and performance measurements of mobile networks in the country".

The current Tutela measurements already include results for the end users of the Altán network, with Red Compartida offering download speeds of more than double those observed in other 4G networks on the market in those areas.

The Tutela user network collects more than 30 billion mobile quality measurements every day worldwide, with more than 10 billion measurements per day in Latin America. These data include the intensity and quality of the signal, the use of the devices and the patterns of download speed, which provide Altán with a better understanding of how users are experiencing the network, as well as allowing it to optimise the performance of the network. The data provided by Tutela does not contain any personal data.

Leandro Demarchi, Director for Latin America at Tutela, said: "We are particularly interested in working with Altán to analyse data in areas of the low population density or in places that were previously not covered by other mobile operators."

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