Russia's MTS tests LTE network, speed up to 1.4 Gbps

Russia's MTS tests LTE network, speed up to 1.4 Gbps

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), a Russian digital, media, and telecommunications services company and Ericsson announced successful testing on the LTE network in Ufa of the aggregation of five carrier frequencies with a total bandwidth of 75 MHz.

As a result of the tests, data transfer rates of up to 1.4 Gbit / s were achieved on a commercial network of the fourth generation.

The Russian operator said that the LTE-A standard allows aggregation of up to seven carriers with a total spectrum bandwidth of up to 140MHz, making the most available spectrum to provide peak data rates up to 2Gbps.

Aggregation demonstrates the potential of MTS’ 4G network after refarming of the GSM-1800 and UMTS-2100 bands, the operator’s press release added.

“Our strategy for modernizing existing LTE networks is aimed at introducing the latest technologies that provide our subscribers with high access speeds and network capacity to provide modern digital services. The test proves that on the eve of the first 5G launches, the potential of fourth-generation networks has not yet been fully exhausted - on their basis we can build 5G-ready gigabit networks using the entire frequency spectrum available in Bashkiria, ”said Egor Fisyuk, Director of MTS in Bashkiria.

High speeds are achieved in the center of Ufa due to the aggregation of five carrier frequencies B1 (FDD2100 MHz), 2хB3 (FDD 1800 MHz), B7 (FDD2500 MHz), and B38 (TDD2600 MHz) using 4 × 4 MIMO mode and 256QAM modulation in each band.